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Books Search

We have created a page to search through all the past issues of Mountain Path, Call Divine, Saranagati and Maharshi. The relevant page and the complete issue will be available for download. It  includes all of our English books. However, unlike our journals, these paid books are not available for full download or distribution. Instead, we've implemented a feature where users can search the text and view matching pages individually. They can purchase the books in our online bookstore.    

Please visit the website.

The search is quite simple, just enter a few terms in the search field, optionally choose the periodical to filter results and click the "Search" button.

An example of a search query is given below, that can explain the possibilities of the search query we have now:

advaita AND (meditat* OR "self enquiry")

Terms can be single words of multiple words within double quotes

Terms can have a * indicating it match any characters in its place

You can use AND & OR to indicate Boolean search

You can have some parts within matching brackets to group

Search is case insensitive.

The search page is also designed such that you can add to the home screen from mobile browsers (for example, "Add To Homescreen" in mobile chrome in android) for a richer full screen experience, like an android app.