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Parayana Web application

We are glad to announce the availability of the parayana WEB app which can play any of the tamil parayana songs as much as you can wish to hear them, any time of the day.

The app has the lyrics for all the songs in Tamil and transliteration for the same in English and Telugu. As the songs are chanted in the audio, the app highlights the line from the lyrics to make it easy to follow the songs. It even attempts to highlight portions of the line to follow each word approximately, all to the benefit of the listeners' maximum comprehension.

The app is very simple to use, just click on the menu from the right top (three horizontal lines), choose a language of choice and choose the day of week. The next dropdown will list the songs chanted during that day. Click on the button called Load, the rest must be self explanatory and the menu has a button called help to provide some basic documentation.

The main page now has the song loaded in a few seconds. The status bar below shows the progress (may take some time if you are on a slow network). Once the song is downloaded you can play by using the player near the bottom (play button).

You can click and drag the audio player to seek any point of the song and the lyrics will be shifted and highlighted accordingly. Similarly, clicking on any line on the lyrics will bring the audio player to that position.  Clicking on the next button loads the next song for the day, in the same language. 

You can either simply bookmark the URL to revisit the app. In most latest and up to date mobiles, you will get an option to install this as an app from the browser's main menu.