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Sri Ramana Chatvarimsat

One early morning, in the Pachaiamman Temple at Tiruvannamalai, Sri Vasishtha Ganapati Muni and other disciples were all sitting in front of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, who was, as usual, sitting completely in front. The Muni saw a sparkling light come down from the sky and touch the forehead of the Maharshi six times.

This vision made the Muni realize that the Maharshi was none other than an incarnation of Lord Subrahmanya. Immediately, the poet in the Muni blossomed forth in eight verses in the beautiful sardulavikridita meter.

Later on, as occasion demanded, the Muni composed many verses adoring the Maharshi, and these were collected along with the initial eight verses as the Sri Ramana Catvarimsat, “Forty Verses in Adoration of Sri Ramana." These forty verses were daily recited in the presence of Bhagavan during his lifetime and continue to be recited every morning at his shrine. The verses describe both the human and the divine characteristics of the Maharshi, making no distinction between him and Skanda.a

As these verses deal with an Avatara Purusha and Jivanmukta and are composed by a great spiritual stalwart of no mean attainments, each verse acts like a mantra in invoking the presence of the Maharshi and is a veritable boon to every sincere aspirant.



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Sri Ramana Chatvarimsat 

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